The B Story


The B Story
Working in fashion and retail for almost 20 years, it had always been my dream to own my own independent store; but not just a store, a brand. I wanted to develop something with an identity that spoke to people and blurred the lines between lifestyle, fashion and home/interiors in order to create the go-to place for your way of life and your style.
In August 2017 the B shop opened its doors in the quaint market town of Newbury, Berkshire and the brand continues to develop to this day. Taking inspiration from the latest trends and with a love for all things Scandinavian we stock a range of brands that inspire us and that offers our customers timeless designs with a strong focus on sustainability.
As well as offering beautiful, effortless style and comfort, service is at the core of what we do, and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our customer's experience; both online and in person.
The B brand is all about celebrating women and what makes us feel good; bringing to you what you love to wear, how you love to feel and what you enjoy most about life altogether in one place.
B Kind,
B Happy,
B You.
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